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Polar bear strolling in the fireweed on the Hudson Bay Coast - Michael Poliza photo

Polar bear strolling in the fireweed on the Hudson Bay Coast - Michael Poliza Photo

Doug and Helen Webber created both a family and a business together when they started Webber’s Lodges, Churchill Wild’s mother company, some 30 years ago. The three Webber girls contributed to the business from the moment they could and were regularly seen expediting, hauling building supplies, cooking, cleaning, conducting guest mail outs, fueling aircraft, and much (much) more.

Churchill Wild was created by the Webber’s daughter Jeanne and her husband Mike Reimer. They have operated both Webber’s Lodges and Churchill Wild alongside Doug and Helen for the last 15 years. The Webber team expanded again some years ago when another of Doug and Helen’s daughters, Toni, and her husband Nelson Morberg became involved in the business development and operations for Churchill Wild. This allowed Doug and Helen to withdraw from the full-time lodge life. There are now four partners, two primary guides and administrative team members. To learn more about our team please visit Our People page on the main Churchill Wild Web site.

Northern Lights over Hudson Bay - Dennis Fast photo

Northern Lights over Hudson Bay - Dennis Fast Photo

Churchill Wild boasts two luxury wilderness eco-lodges on the Hudson Bay Coast.  Ideally situated to access and watch a great variety of wildlife, our location is part of what makes ours the most unique polar bear, beluga whale and northern lights viewing adventures on the planet. For more information on our lodges please visit the Eco-Lodges page on our main Churchill Wild Web site.

This unique environment – an ecotone where four varied ecosystems meet, with a southern climate modified by a vast cold ocean – creates conditions where polar bears, black bears and grizzly bears are all live together –  where caribou meet moose and where birds from the Arctic coexist with birds from the prairies. One of the most unique ecosystems on the planet!

Recognizing that our future is our environment, we honor an ongoing commitment to enhance, rather than degrade, our natural environment.  We practice and promote wise and sustainable resource use and sound conservation principles and practices for all habitats and wildlife in our surrounding ecosystems.  Simply put, we’re different – our goal is to minimize our impact on the environment while maximizing our guests experience.  Paradoxically, for us, there is no trade off, they go hand in hand. Please read more about our environmental stewardship policies.

Polar bear drinking from Hudson Bay - Dennis Fast photo

Polar bear drinking from Hudson Bay - Dennis Fast Photo

For discerning adventurers, Churchill Wild is the only company on the planet specializing in “on the ground” or “in the bay” access to polar bears, beluga whales, Aurora Borealis and more. Our fly-in eco-lodge locations set the scene for packages that stand apart from the typical Churchill offering, ensuring the most adventurous, unique and quality experiences you will find. While each of our packages include the best of what Churchill has to offer, your biggest thrills will be found at our place.

And please rest assured that this is not just any lodge experience. Right up there with the thrills, your comfort is our priority and our Arctic lodge has all the comforts of home. Combine this with our efforts to satiate you with our chefs’ culinary prowess and recipes from our best-selling cookbooks and you will not believe that you’ve been dropped in a remote location in the rugged Canadian north….until you look outside.

To learn more about our exclusive wilderness adventure vacations, please visit our main Churchill Wild Web site. Of course, you can always call us personally Toll Free at 1 (866) UGO-WILD (846-9453) or e-mail us at info@churchillwild.com 

Thank you so much for visiting our Arctic Adventure Travel Blog. Please check back regularly for updates on our latest adventures. We look forward to hearing from you!


Mike & Jeanne Reimer and the Churchill Wild Team